Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top 5 Tips on How To Make Your Corporate Trade Show Event Buzz-Worthy

How to make your next corporate trade show event Buzz-Worthy! How to Increase Your Social Media Exposure- Faster than the latest celebrity divorce!
In today’s social media world of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, your company can be post-worthy in an instant at your next corporate trade show!
The more buzz-worthy you are, the more increased visibility your brand will receive. 
Would you love your customers and prospects talking about you to all their social media followers?
OK, let's get to it then!

Here are our top 5 tips on how to get the buzz going for your company.
  1. "Oh!" is for originality- Give them that little "Oh-I Love It!" feeling when they receive your clever take away gift. 
  2. Send the unexpected- Sending your trade show giveaway gift before your event to your top prospects and customers with a note inviting them to your booth will generate pre-show buzz. 
  3. Make it fun- Go big decorating your trade show booth. Use bright colors and have fun with a theme. Include balloons, music, giveaways, even an entertainer would be an outstanding idea to set you apart from the crowd of other company booths.
  4. Engage- Rev up your event team. Buzz creates more buzz! Be excited to present your giveaway to each person who visits your booth. You can engage your prospect or customer even further by having them answer one question to get the gift- (For example- What is your favorite TV show? Favorite place you visited?)
  5. It's time for a selfie! –Have a contest asking each person to post a picture of the gift and of your booth (be sure to mention to “hashtag” the name of your company- #xyzcompany) to enter to win a larger gift by the last day of your trade show. Then pick a winner and announce it! This will also give you a great reason to follow up with them.
Yes, you can have fun with that marketing piece, trade show theme or even play up your company brand and get great exposure! They will be excited to share it and you will be excited knowing your marketing campaign was a success! 

Here’s what Paul, one of our corporate clients who utilized these top 5 tips, had to say about his latest PR campaign experience: “Thank you for your creative ideas and fast execution of our project! The gifts have been received today and a few recipients are already posting pictures to Instagram, Twitter and their blogs. Amazing!” -Paul S., PR Manager
Do you have an upcoming corporate event that you need help coming up with creative ideas for? Just give us a call at 800-856-1646 or shoot us an email at customerservice@aclassycase.com and we’ll help you get the scrolls rolling!  

What has been your favorite trade show giveaway story? Post in the comments below. We would love to hear what has and hasn't worked for you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Real Reason for the Season

Do you ever feel like this? There is so much to do. You are in a whirlwind of meetings, sales calls, rushing around and so are those around you. Your dream is to keep a consistent connection with your clients and prospects while checking off everything on your to do list. When it's the holiday season, we all feel the pressure to give the right gift, at the right time, that makes just the right impact. 

The truth of it is, yes, those things are important. But what really matters, the real reason for the season, is to personally connect. Take a moment and enjoy all that we have in our lives and careers. When we take it all in, the giving comes from a more personal space. And that's what we are here for. To connect with each other. From that heart space, consistent connection just comes naturally. Giving and connecting feel good! And your clients, associates and prospects will feel it too!

So please, take it all in. Enjoy the season, the holiday traditions, or just connecting with those in your lives. Do less, be present more (pun intended!). There is only 2 1/2 weeks left off "the season". What will you take off of your to do list to enjoy more of your day today?

As a special gift to you from me, personally connect with me this week, use the code word CONNECT, and I will give you a special surprise!

Happy Holidays everyone!

~Tracy Calvert
A Classy Case, llc

~Tracy Calvert

Monday, November 16, 2015

The solution for what gift to get your corporate client for a holidays. Take This Quick Quiz To Reveal Your Perfect Gift Choice!

You know your client well in business, but when it comes to that client's taste preferences, you haven't a clue what type of gift basket to get your VIP client for the holidays! Have no fear, our gift selector is here! Now you can have a fun and easy way to choose the perfect holiday gift for your special client.

Take This Quick Quiz To Reveal Your Perfect Gift Choice!

We specialize in gourmet gift baskets for you, the busy professional, who needs an impressive gift that won't bust your budget. We took our most recommended gifts and turned them into this fun quiz! Enjoy!

~Tracy Calvert
A Classy Case

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

To Add Wine or Not to Add Wine To My Corporate Holiday Gift Basket Order?

To Add Wine or Not to Add Wine To My Corporate Holiday Gift Basket Order?

To add wine or not to add wine, that is the question?

A common question when ordering corporate holiday gifts is to ask should I include wine in my holiday gift basket to my client? Here's how to know when to add wine to your order. 

Do you know if your giftee is a wine drinker? If yes, then it is appropriate to add to your gift basket.

If you are not sure, think about his or her lifestyle. Are he or she is at the age and stage of being very social, do they have parties and gatherings? We recommend erring on the side of caution. If you are completely uncertain, your best bet is to spend the same amount you would on a wine and gourmet gift basket and include even more delicious gourmet treats instead.

If you are sending a gift basket to a company team at the office, and they are in the type of setting where their corporate culture would allow for a midday or late day office party with alcohol, go for it. If not, often one person wins the wine bottle to take home, and may not be enjoyed by all. In that case, sending a larger gourmet gift basket is the best way to go.

If you are looking for that wow factor, our etched wine bottles are the perfect accompaniment to your gourmet gift basket. We have partnered with a local winery to add these special wines to your gourmet gift baskets. The wine is ordered through A Classy Case, then choose your gift basket from our website or catalog, and will will add the wine to that gift basket and send it to your giftee. We also offer custom gift baskets (be sure to order early, this service is not available in the month of December). Talk about oohs and aahs! The presentation is divine and the taste selections superb. Choose from the special reserve collection of cabernet sauvignon, merlot or chardonnay. Pricing includes a 1 color imprint and a custom message with up to 4 lines. Regularly $70, on sale now for $54.95 through October 15, 2015. Or, we also offer a lovely coastal collection of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, or chardonnay. Our clients come back year after year and add these beauties to their bountiful gift baskets. To place your order, call us today at 949-709-0162 or send us an email at sales@aclassycase.com. You can also order right on our website at www.OCGiftBasketsandMore.com.

Friday, August 21, 2015

3 Proven Strategies To Make Your Sales Visit More Engaging

1) Engage your client in non-business related conversation starters, such as asking how they are. Do they have family? Favorite pets. Getting to know someone on a personal level shows you care.

2) Surprise them with a thoughtful gift or useful piece of information, such as a news article about their interests, that really pertains to them. Showing that you are willing to go to extra lengths to show appreciation is a sign of respect. Below are some unique gift ideas that make great conversation starters.

3) Ask questions about what their needs are. This might sound obvious, but if you walk in with a strategy to discuss a product or service you think they need, without asking them what they actually need, then you are not meeting their needs! Needs change quickly sometimes in the business world. Ask, pause, then listen in. People really want to share their issues with you, when you take the time to listen. 

Bringing a small gift to your meeting opens up the opportunity for deepening your connection with your client or potential client through immediate, personal engagement. These are business appropriate, fun to give and fun to receive! Appreciation and acknowledgement are so important in business. Here are some great sales gift ideas for fall that are under $6! 

 Apple Drop By Sales Gift


Minimum 24 pieces
4 oz each
Assorted Characters are just $3.99
Minimum 24 pieces
4 oz each

Fall Leaves Drop By Sales Gifts
$5.99 each
Minimum 24 pieces
8 oz each

What type of gifts have you brought to a meeting in the past to engage your customer? We would love to read your comments below.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Administrative Assistant Gift Ideas for April 22, 2015

Staff Acknowledgement is a big morale booster. We all love to be acknowledged and appreciated for the work that we do. A simple gift and a sincere thank you for all that they do will brighten their day and contribute to the morale of your company. Your staff will feel appreciated and excited to receive a special gift!  Administrative Professional's Week (also known as Administrative Assistant's Week) is around the corner, this year it is April 22, 2015. Here are some great, low to mid budget ideas to thank your support team.

Administrative Professional Gift Ideas

I am Focused, Fearless, and Ready!
Mug and Tea Set 

We Think The World of You!
Bettoni Pen
Minimum 50 pieces

Brighten Her Day 
Gift Basket

Local delivery to most of Southern California, and we ship anywhere in the United States! You can reach us via phone at 800-856-1646 or via email at customerservice@aclassycase.com. We look forward to assisting you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day- That one time of year when Mom has her own official day of honor. You need a gift that is special and unique, just like her. You want her to feel pampered and taken care of. What better way to thank Mom for all she has done with lovely pamper gifts with spa products from the famous Mandara Spa! She will love the luxurious lotions and pamper products in divine scents! You will love her appreciation! Check out our website for more details.